Senior Executive Development Programme on Sustainable Buildings for Asia Pacific

Key Project Partners: UNEP, SGBC

This training is customised for policy makers and stakeholders from building sector to accelerate the development of expertise in governance, public administration and implementation of sustainable building projects.

As an outcome of the programme, participants can identify possible areas of co-operation between government authorities and green building councils in the region, especially on policies, legislation, government incentives and training and education. Specific strategies, frameworks and implementation proposals on sustainable buildings and development can also be developed with the advice of experts from United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP), RMIT and Singapore.

NAMA Development for Building Sector in Asia

Key Project Partner: UNEP

BCA CSB is assisting UNEP in the development of a project proposal to assist countries in the region to recognise the significant mitigation potential of building sector, identify actions and incorporate them in NAMAs, provide the MRV tools and overall framework, including a regional network, to support NAMA development by the priority countries and to transfer the framework.

Promoting Low Energy Tropical Architecture *

Key Project Partner: UNEP

BCA CSB and UNEP are working to identify and develop opportunities to promote the widespread adoption of Low Energy Tropical Architecture, which integrates passive design and active technology solutions, in hot and humid climates. In turn, this will support transformation of the mechanical cooling and ventilation markets.



Note: * To be confirmed