International Council for Research and Innovation in Building and Construction – Working Commission 115 (CIB W115)

CIB W115 is a working commission under the International Council for Research and Innovation that looks into construction materials stewardship. BCA CSB is one of the members of CIB W115 Commission and contributed actively in the development of CIB country reports. The recent report on “construction waste around the world” was launched in Oct 2011, and the commission is currently working on another report on “waste prevention and reduction strategies”.

Low-Energy Building Network SB-1 under APEC – Energy Smart Communities Initiative (ESCI)

ESCI aims to foster green growth, sustainable development and long-term job creation throughout the Asia Pacific. It will also help realise APEC Leaders’ goal to reduce the energy intensity of their economies by 25 percent by 2030, and help guide the way to possible adoption of a more ambitious goal to cut the region’s energy intensity by up to half.

APEC – Peer Review on Energy Efficiency (PREE)

PREE aims to share information, broaden the network among energy efficiency policy experts, and explore the way to achieve energy efficiency of each economy.

Two activities were undertaken as part of the PREE:
a) Peer Reviews of volunteer member economies
b) The Compendium of energy efficiency policies of APEC member economies based on either the APEC voluntary PREE or energy efficiency aspects of the IEA Energy Policy Review.

BCA CSB participated in the PREE 2012 in reviewing the policies in reducing carbon footprint of the building sector, particularly for countries in Asia Pacific region.