UNEP-SBCI Fall Symposium 2012

Organised by: UNEP-SBCI
Co-organised by: BCA CSB and Singapore Green Building Council (SGBC)

The UNEP-SBCI Fall Symposium on Sustainable Buildings which was held on 9 to 10 October 2012, was attended by over 100 international stakeholders from more than 100 companies, across 20 countries and 6 continents, including participants from the Senior Executive Development Programme.

The symposium provided a unique opportunity to engage international stakeholders, experts, and UNEP partners in Singapore in a discussion about strategies and solutions for mitigating climate change, championing sustainable buildings, and greening the supply chain. Prominent speakers included Ms Elisea Bebet Gozun, Presidential Advisor on Climate Change, Office of the President, Government of the Philippines, and key UNEP representatives such as Mr Stefanos Fotiou, Senior Regional Coordinator, Regional Office for Asia Pacific, UNEP.

Remarks from UNEP-SBCI Fall Symposium Delegates:
“It was a quality event with fantastic organisation. Thank you, and congratulations to the BCA Centre for Sustainable Buildings and the Singapore Green Building Council.”
“It was an inspiring event that was very well organised.”
“It was very informative and a great introduction to the work of the UNEP SBCI.” 

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